"Must have" 2 in 1 widget

that makes your customer service smart, not hard.

Book visits online, talk to your website visitors and convert them into clients using your services. Let your website become a central hub for all your online marketing activities.

Online booking system

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Live Chat

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Small yet engaging part of your website

On your website, you are the boss. It’s up to you whether you want 2 in 1 widget, only a calendar or just a live chat. Tailor the colour and position of your widget to make it an integrated part of your website. Small, almost invisible yet strongly engaging.

Faster than e-mail, more effective than phone

The widget shows up with the opening of your website and it wanders with a user through all his online journey. He doesn't have to look up a phone, wait for a call or e-mail with answer. Your support is on his fingertips. In few seconds he will get a solution or schedule a meeting. With Booking Visit, he will never walk alone.

Benefits for you and your customers

Mobile customer support

You can chat with people visiting your site and easily keep track on appointments. All you need is computer, smartphone and Internet access. Talk to your clients and let them book visits from anywhere.

Simple and fast installation

Installing the widget on your business is simple and does not require a dedicated IT facility. You do it only once and the whole process takes only a few minutes.

Data security

We want you to feel totally safe. That is why the information we process is encrypted with SSL, we authorize access to accounts, use hosting provided by the market leaders and our lawyers ensure compliance of our practices with the current security requirements.