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Live Chat, a widget communicator, is the first form of contact that appears on your website and wanders with a client through all his online journey. Get in touch with him and point him in the right direction. With Booking Visit your client never walks alone.

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Faster than e-mail, more effective than phone

The customer no longer has to spend hours on the phone, wait for an email reply or worry about his message lost in your mailbox. Your support is on his fingertips. He talks to you and gets all the answers in real-time. Don’t make him wait.

Chat with several clients at a time

Can you imagine having a phone conversation with several prospects at the same time? Use chat to talk with countless users simultaneously. Solve their problems, answer questions, present new deals and convert them into customers using your services.

Engage your customers

AdWords, SEO, content doesn’t matter how your customers get to your website. Don’t leave them without an answer. Talk to them, explain any doubts, suggest a dedicated offer or encourage them to arrange a meeting.

Conversation history

Business relies on relationship building. By monitoring your conversations with customers, you already know with whom and what you talked about recently. This way you can personalize your communication and gain loyal customers.