Booking system that works real time when you have free time

Online calendar on your website is available for clients 24/7. They check your free slots and book visits even when you work, can't pick up the phone or your office is closed. AdWords, SEO, SEM or reference - no matter how your visitors get to your website, never let them leave without booking a visit.

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Simple yet full of impressive features

Power of marketing

Do you know that almost 60% of Internet users are looking for specialists in the evenings, while the majority of companies is closed? Do you use AdWords, SEO, SEM or content marketing? Don't lose your money on empty website clicks. Don't let your prospects go to your competitors. Enable them to book appointments 24/7 and use 100% of your marketing efforts.

Focus on what you are the best at

The calendar widget does not require special handling. Simply set your opening hours, services and its duration, and voil'a - you can book visits online. All visits booked through widget will show up in your calendar and appointments scheduled by you will automatically block terms available on your website. Spend less time scheduling and focus on what you are the best at.

Effective time management

You see all the calendars of your employees, record appointments and organize their time. It takes just glance at calendar to know what the day will bring. If your employees want to have insights into their calendars, they can easily share it among each other.

Business and private calendar

Calendar allows you to effectively manage tasks at work and leisure time. Details of events marked as "private" will be blocked for the assistant, employee or colleague from the office who you share the calendar with. Multiple calendars are over, manage your life in one place.

No more unexpected free slots

The customer booked the appointment, but shortly before the visit he cancelled it? By re-opening the selected time on the Internet, you will allow users to book "immediate" visit and eliminate the number of free slots in your plan of the day.

Integrate with Google

All events and visits made by your clients will automatically show up in your Google Calendar. No matter which tool you use, you are updated on new bookings in real-time.

Reduce no-shows

Relish fewer missed appointments with automated SMS and e-mail reminders for clients. Customers can add a booking to their personal calendars with just a few clicks. All you need to do is just sit and wait for clients to come.

History of visits

Calendar is a database of all visits and clients. You can use search engine to find out the history of each visit and client to get all his personal information such as e-mail, phone number, problem background and notes. The more information you have, the more personal you are.

Being ECO is too easy

Change your paper calendar into electronic and become ECO. This small change can have a huge impact on your environment. By moving your appointments to the network, you not only think about the customers, but you also care about the forests, lynx, roe deer and squirrels. Become a good spirit of the world - being ECO probably never was that easy.