Recommend us to your customers or friends and make money

Set up accounts for clients or recommend other resellers and receive commissions up to 20% on every paid invoice. You recommend once and earn throughout entire customer's payment period.

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Who can be a perfect advocate?

IT Companies

Interactive agencies

Software houses

Consulting companies


Professional sellers

Organizations for entrepreneurs

How does it work?

Register free account and activate affiliation program in your dashboard to manage recommendations. Set up accounts for clients and receive commissions of 20% on every invoice they have paid. You recommend once and earn throughout entire customer's payment period.

Invite your friends to resell and make money on their clients while doing nothing.

Become a partner

Stage I – Sell and make money

Recommend BookingVisit to your customers and earn 20% on each invoice for the entire customer payment period.

Stage II - Invite your friends and earn money on their recommendations

Invite your friend to join our affiliate program and let him refer our product to his clients. He gets 20% of each payment, you earn 10%.

Stage III – Recommendations work for you

Your colleague invites his friend who recommends BookingVisit further. He earns 20% on every payment, your colleague 10%, you 5%. Completely doing nothing. You can invite as many friends and client as you want and steadily increase your earnings.

What else do you gain?

  • Regular 20% of each invoice paid by the customer
  • 10% or 5% of commisions of your friends recommendations
  • Satisfaction of your customers using 2 in 1 widget
  • Access to advertising and educational materials
  • Silver account for free
  • Recommend once, make money on each payment
Become a partner